Fire Suppression System (Foamguard)



Fire hazard is one of the most dangerous threats to happen anywhere. Due to the nature of their extreme working condition, mining equipment is very prone to fire hazard. Hundreds large mining equipment were burnt in the last decade, resulting in injuries, loss of equipment, and to the worst, fatalities. To overcome this problem, FoamGuard comes with FoamGuard Spray System, a real world proven AFFF automatic fire suppression solution.

Mining, Off-Road, Forestry and Construction equipment operating in harsh outdoor environments can be subjected at any time to the threat of Fire, which may spread rapidly through the equipment endangering life and resulting in damage to major capital equipment and loss of production. The installation of a fire detection and suppression system is essential to minimize the risk to both operator and equipment.

The Pre Engineered FOAM GUARD spray System has been designed to allow various levels of protection from fully automatic detection and suppression systems with full engine shut down, Fault control detection and cab monitoring to simple suppression only systems with manual actuation.


Rise Of Pressure (ROP) Layout System
Loss Of Pressure (LOP) Layout System


Customers can decide for themselves what level of protection they wish to install on their equipment to meet the expectations.